Finding us

Samos Airport is approximately 40 to 50 minutes from Studios Ioanna.

Samos Airport is approximately 40 to 50 minutes from Studios Ioanna. The actual travelling time is dependent upon many factors including the road works taking place at the time, getting stuck behind a coach or farm vehicle or stopping to admire the views!

There are two ways to get to us: by taxi or by rental car. Please see our details on car rental.

Basic directions to Studios Ioanna

Drive out of the airport on to the main road that runs between Hora and Pythagorio (it is easy to find and well sign posted) and take a left turn towards Hora

As you enter Hora, you will see a left turn signposted for Pirgos; take this left turn

Follow this road; it will take you through the villages of Gionides and Koumaradei and finally through the large village of Pirgos

Drive through Pirgos staying on the main road; the road will take you through some wonderful countryside and eventually crest the island to show the bay of Marathokambos

Approximately four miles from Pirgos you should see a left turn signposted for Koumeika and Balos Beach; take this turn

Follow this road down the hillside (lots of bends to have fun with) to the village of Koumeika where you will see a right turn signposted Kambos; take this right turn

You can now follow this road all the way through to Kambos; once through Kambos, stay on the road, going past the wonderful beach of Psili Ammos, and onto Limnionas

The road into Limnionas is a left turn and is signposted (along with some signs advertising the local tavernas); Studios Ioanna is on the left hand side of the road opposite the mini market and is the first building you will see on the left hand side


There are always plenty of taxis waiting to pick up a fare from incoming flights. There is no need to book in advance.

Walk outside of the terminal building and you will see them. All fares are fixed price and the fare from the airport to Studios Ioanna is usually around €50 (this will vary each year so it is better to be prepared to pay more and be pleased to find you pay less!). Ask for Limnionas and, in most cases, the driver will also know Studios Ioanna.

There is a service on the Greek site, Zee, that will give you an approximation of the taxi fares on Samos. We cannot say how accurate it is, especially with the current Greek economy, so use it as a guide only. We cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies on external websites.



If you rent a car from us, we will give you the details of where to pick your car up (usually it is in the airport car park with your name on the dashboard and the keys in an agreed location).

If you are driving to Studios Ioanna for the first time, it is ideal to have a map prior to arrival. Many rental firms will provide one but it is always best to be prepared. Basic directions are shown above.

skaimap.jpgIf you have the chance to purchase a map prior to arriving on Samos, we would recommend the latest maps from either Skai or Road Editions. Each one is a 1:50000 scale map with plenty of detail and accurate mapping. It is important to get an up to date version and generally, newer versions of the Skai map are more easily available. Click here to visit Amazon to get one for your holiday.